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To see the stereo effect, please gaze at infinity at a point between the two images. You should eventually see three images. The middle image will be a combination of the left and right images and it should look solid (stereo or 3d). The effect can sometimes be improved by holding a sheet of paper or card perpendicular to the image pair so that your left eye only sees the left image and your right eye only sees the right image. To focus, move your head closer to or further from the image. It might take a few tries to achieve the effect.

FLU or Influenza A viruses: are covered by radial spikes. Beneath the envelope lies the matrix (M1 protein) which covers the viral genetic material (RNA).

Spikes: there are two kinds of spike: Haemagglutinin (Hemagglutinin) usually abbreviated as HA (shown in translucent orange) and Neuraminidase usually abbreviated as NA (shown in pale yellow). There are several varieties of HA and NA designated by numbers e.g. the current bird flu is H5N1.

M2: small protein (shown in blue) embedded in the viral envelope. Four M2 molecules create a channel (pore) in the envelope allowing protons to pass through. Only a few pores exist per particle but they are important during replication when they allows protons to enter the virion where the acidification is thought to loosen the matrix from the underlying RNP.

Envelope: derived from the host cell plasma membrane when the virus buds from the cell. Shown as a green translucent layer.

RNP or ribonucleoprotein: genetic information (single stranded -ve sense RNA) wrapped in protein, forming the nucleocapsid, shown in green. Russell Kightley Media in 3D
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