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AUTOSTEREOGRAMS: single image stereograms, where images leap out from the pattern:

Benzene ring autostereogram
FLU virus autostereogram
Influenza Virus Particle
HIV virus particle autostereogram
HIV Virus Particle
Human Papilloma Virus HPV autostereogram
Human Papilloma Virus HPV
Adenovirus 36 Ad-36 autostereogram
Adenovirus 36
Buckminsterfullerene molecule autostereogram
Buckminsterfullerene molecule
Hepatitis C Virus autostereogram
Hepatitis C Virus
Rotavirus autostereogram
AUTOSTEREOGRAMS: work in a rather complex way. A repeating pattern (often of random dots) is perturbed by reference to a depth map. The depth map uses a grey scale image to represent distance from the viewer. White is closest and black furthest from the observer. Using computer programs, the pixels of the pattern are shifted left or right depending on the depth map. The brain can decipher the resulting pattern and reconstructs a 3-dimensional image from it. Observing the effect can take some practice and some people never experience the 3D effect. Russell Kightley Media in 3D
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