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ANAGLYPHS: two images of different colours are combined into one image and then viewed through coloured glasses (red for the left eye and green for the right eye) to give a 3D stereo effect. SEE HOW ANAGLYPHS ARE MADE.

nanotube anaglyph
HIV cutaway structure anaglyph
HIV cutaway structure
HIV virion external appearance anaglyph
HIV virion
Herpes virus particle 3D anaglyph
Herpes virus particle
alcohol molecule 3D anaglyph
alcohol molecule 3D
carbon dioxide CO<sub>2</sub> anaglyph
carbon dioxide CO2
Gold atoms
Gold atoms
Bucky Ball C<sub>60<sub> molecule in 3D
Bucky Ball C60
anaglyphic animal cell in 3D
2D to 3D conversion: Animal Cell
Anaglyph 3D Human Papilloma Virus HPV
HPV Human papilloma virus in 3D
Anaglyph Influenza virus in 3D
Influenza virus in 3D
Anaglyph Magnetar in 3D
Magnetar in 3D
DNA helix 3D
DNA molecule 3D
DNA helix 3D
DNA helix 3D
Rabies virus 3D anaglyph
Rabies virus 3D
Human Kidney 3D anaglyph
Human Kidney
Methane molecule 3D anaglyph
Volvox 3D anaglyph
swine flu 3D
swine flu 3D
graphite 3D
graphite 3D
Anaglyph Mimivirus in 3D
mimivirus 3D
Anaglyph Hepatitis C virus 3D
Hepatitis C virus 3D
Anaglyph Rotavirus 3D
Rotavirus 3D
Anaglyph Graphene 3D
Graphene 3D
Geminivirus 3D
Geminivirus 3D
Lassa virus 3D
Lassa virus 3D
P22 Bacteriophage 3D
P22 Phage 3D
ANAGLYPHS can give a very powerful 3-dimensional experience, although sometimes colour reproduction is compromised. Images ranging from near full colour to sepia are presented here. Please click on a thumbnail above to go to the full size image. Anaglyphs can be viewed using professional-grade filtered spectacles or even cheap coloured cardboard framed glasses, such as you might find in novelty books of 3D imagery. When creating and testing these anaglyphs, I use high-grade clip-on filters over my prescription glasses but I also test with a range of cheap filters. A major advantage of anaglyphs is that it is very easy for most people to see the three dimensional effect (although you do need the coloured glasses). Anaglyphs can also work perfectly on current computer screens and do not need special 3D screens to display them. Most examples above are created from two original views whilst others are 2D to 3D conversions: Russell Kightley Media in 3D
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