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Hepatitis C Virus 3D stereo pair

To see the stereo effect, please gaze at infinity at a point between the two images. You should eventually see three images. The middle image will be a combination of the left and right images and it should look solid (stereo or 3d). The effect can sometimes be improved by holding a sheet of paper or card perpendicular to the image pair so that your left eye only sees the left image and your right eye only sees the right image. To focus, move your head closer to or further from the image. It might take a few tries to achieve the effect.

HEPATITIS C VIRUS (HCV): Surface spikes represent the E (Envelope) Proteins. Each spike is a dimer of E1 and E2 anchored into the viral envelope. Viral envelope is derived from host cell ER membrane. Beneath the envelope lies the core which houses the RNA genome. HCV is a small enveloped + single stranded RNA virus. It classified in the family Flaviviridae (L. Flavus: yellow named after Yellow Fever) in the genus Hepacivirus. Russell Kightley Media in 3D
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