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nanotube molecule in anaglyphic 3D stereo

This image is an anaglyph in which a stereo pair is combined into a single image using colour to separate the two views. To see the stereo effect, you will need to use colour filter glasses (red for your left eye and blue/cyan for your right eye).

Carbon nanotubes: consist many carbon atoms arranged in a tube. The carbon atoms are arrayed in a hexagonal lattice similar to the atomic sheets (graphene) in the carbon allotrope graphite. Nanotubes are capped by a hemispherical array of carbon atoms (as seen in Buckminsterfullerene). Nanotubes can form nested structures with greater diameter tubes containing lesser diameter tubes. Nanotubes have great strength and can be excellent electrical conductors or semi-conductors. Russell Kightley Media in 3D
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