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This image is an anaglyph in which a stereo image pair is combined into a single image using colour to separate the two views. To see the 3D stereo effect, you will need to use red green colour filter glasses (red for your left eye and green for your right eye). Such glasses can be obtained from your optometrist or specialty supplier. It is worth obtaining high quality anaglyphic glasses to achieve the best possible sense of depth. Cheap filters can often be found in novelty 3-D books. SEE HOW ANAGLYPHS ARE MADE.

LASSA VIRUSES are ss RNA viruses (family Arenaviridae) causing severe haemorrhagic disease. They are enveloped (greenish layer in this image) and studded with (red) protein spikes. Beneath the envelope (lipid bi-layer) lies the matrix protein (Z protein, shown in blue) and deeper to this the RNP (shown in yellow). Zoonotic (spread from animals to humans) with rodents as the main host. See some high resolution still images of Lassa virus and see our colour stereo image pair of this Lassa virus. With thanks to Ed Rybicki.

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