3D stereo anaglyphs now available for on-line licencing!


Pricing: please email me giving as many details as you can about your intended usage. I will calculate a price and explain how to order and pay.
Delivery: by email or by web download. Format: usually png files.
Turnaround time: usually with 24 hours of payment (for existing imagery). Depends on time zone differences, local holidays, etc.
Licence conditions: images are licensed for specific uses. Copyright and all other rights retained by Russell Kightley.


3D images have great pulling power. They attract audiences and can enthrall even the most jaded. Almost everyone gets a thrill when they see an image leap out of the page or screen. This applies to all 3D imagery, but for scientific subjects there is an added bonus: depth perception can help the viewer understand an unfamiliar structure.

Most of our imagery concerns objects that are not a part of everyday experience. The subjects are either far too big (e.g. in astronomy) or far too small (e.g. viruses or molecules) or they visualise invisible things (e.g. magnetic field lines). Presenting this scientific imagery in 3D can help understanding. CAPTIVATE & EDUCATE.


Here are some suggested applications (images could be printed or displayed on screens):


I can create novel stereoscopic 3D imagery to suit your needs. Price and development time will depend on many factors. Please email me so we can discuss your requirements. I look forward to hearing from you!


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