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3D stereo image pair of graphite molecular structure

To see the stereo effect, please gaze at infinity at a point between the two images. You should eventually see three images. The middle image will be a combination of the left and right images and it should look solid (stereo or 3d). The effect can sometimes be improved by holding a sheet of paper or card perpendicular to the image pair so that your left eye only sees the left image and your right eye only sees the right image. To focus, move your head closer to or further from the image. It might take a few tries to achieve the effect.

Graphite: hexagonally arranged carbon atoms arrayed in parallel sheets. These individual sheets (known as graphene) are shown encased in blocks for clarity. The bottom layer has been extended out to the right to clearly show the hexagonal arrangement of the carbon atoms. Alternate sheets are out of phase with each other so that a carbon atom in one sheet lies in line with the hole at the centre of the hexagonal rings above and below. This is illustrated in two ways:

1. A hexagonal column runs through all four layers. The top layer has a carbon atom at its centre. In the next layer, the column is centred on the hole in the middle of a hexagonal carbon ring.

2. The boxes that partially encase the four layers are alternately staggered.

Graphene sheets can slide across each other (helped by contaminants) giving graphite its lubricating and writing properties. Electrons can travel along the strata making graphite an electrical conductor in a direction parallel with the plates. Russell Kightley Media in 3D
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