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3D stereo gold (Au) atoms

To see the stereo effect, please gaze at infinity at a point between the two images. You should eventually see three images. The middle image will be a combination of the left and right images and it should look solid (stereo or 3d). The effect can sometimes be improved by holding a sheet of paper or card perpendicular to the image pair so that your left eye only sees the left image and your right eye only sees the right image. To focus, move your head closer to or further from the image. It might take a few tries to achieve the effect.

Stereoscopic view of Gold (Au) atoms in crystal array. Gold is a precious metal whose atoms are arranged in closely packed hexagonal layers. First and fourth layers are in line with each other. This gives what is known as a face centred cubic pattern or cubic close packing. Gold is unreactive and a very good conductor. It is used in jewellery. Russell Kightley Media in 3D
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